Over 15 years experience

First Light Safety Products is a subsidiary of Smartrend Supply Ltd., a leading manufacturer of customer-specific components and assemblies for transportation and general industrial applications. With over 15 years of experience in supplying North America's largest transit bus and coach manufacturers, Smartrend Supply Ltd. identified an opportunity to address the critical need to improve safety equipment on school buses. Established in 2018, First Light draws on extensive industry experience in LED technology, mechanical and electronic product development to provide illuminated safety equipment and for the school bus safety and transit bus markets.

Our Philosophy

We work closely with customers as strategic partners to increase safety by developing innovative, high quality, and competitively priced products. Our innovative illumination technology makes the journey to and from school safer by improving motorist recognition and awareness of the school bus.

As a member of the community, we are driven to make the roads a safer place for our loved ones by reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by tragic accidents that are often preventable.

Our Facility

Our 29,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility is centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It houses our dedicated engineering, research & development, quality control, purchasing, warehouse & logistics, and sales & marketing teams who develop, manufacture, and deliver innovative, best in-class products. Investments in dedicated testing areas for endurance, environmental, mechanical, thermal, vibration, and quality control allow us to simulate long term, real world testing of products before launch ensuring the highest level of quality.

Reliable Quality

At First Light, we take pride in the quality of our products. As key safety indicators in school bus safety, our products must be durable and reliable as students and motorists' lives depend on it. Our patent pending technology uses best-in-class components and are developed to automotive standards. Our trusted processes and thorough inspections produce reliable and consistent results. First Light is committed to continuous improvement and is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

In-house Testing Capabilities

Extreme Threshold


Water & Dust
Ingress Testing

Thermal Shock

Vibration & Impact

Extreme Threshold Testing

Our testing standards are a key step in the product development process that replicates the harsh environment experienced over the lifespan of the product. To ensure the durability and longevity of our products, we subject them to extreme thresholds, both mechanically and electrically, to simulate real world scenarios. Our engineers closely monitor product performance under controlled tests, evaluating the results to guarantee the highest quality while continuing to provide a safe and dependable product. Our extensive testing standards and thorough consideration of product applications, environment, and regulations produce a fail-safe product that stands out and exceeds expectations.

Endurance Testing

Our endurance testing area serves as a benchmark and replicates heavy, repeated product usage to simulate the typical situations the product will encounter during its lifespan. This testing helps identify areas of weaknesses for product improvement before a product is released into the marketplace.

Water & Dust Ingress Testing

Our environmental testing station is designed to replicate actual weather scenarios including simulating heavy rain to test water ingress and water submersion. This ensures our products are tested to conform to industry standards and can safely operate in their intended application.

Thermal Shock Testing

Our laboratory grade equipment is designed to simulate the variability of real-world temperature conditions, our thermal shock testing allows us to test from -40°F (-40°C) to 482°F (250°C) to guarantee our products withstand the most extreme temperatures.

Vibration & Impact Testing

Our mechanical testing facility simulates the vibrations and impacts a product may experience in a controlled test environment. Vibration testing is used to ensure that products are durable and function safely, identifying performance concerns and possible failures before they start.

UV Testing

Our QSUN UV Testing System allows us to maintain the highest product quality control by exposing our products to the most damaging effects of full spectrum sunlight including visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation. Reproducing the damage that occurs over years of product usage in a very short period of time allows our engineering team to continually test and ensure we develop durable, long-lasting products that perform as intended.

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