New School PPE Purchase Program

New School PPE Purchase Program

June 2, 2020

We at First Light are proud to announce the launch of our temporary School PPE Purchase Program. This program was developed following the tremendous response from our donation of 90,000 masks, supporting our incredibly strong school bus industry.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we pivoted our business, speaking with and addressing concerns from our peers. These concerns included a dire need for PPE in the USA, especially for schools. With more demand than masks to donate, this program enables schools and contractors to obtain a guaranteed supply of masks at a better than market price.

With pricing as low as US$0.60 per mask, you will receive your UV Sterilized Disposable Face Masks within 4-10 weeks, depending on lead time option you choose.

The world we once were accustomed to will take some time to regain normalcy. Guaranteed access to PPE will assist in developing peace, knowing not only are we protecting ourselves and others, but getting closer to a new normal with one less headache to worry about.

This offer is valid for all departments in a school, so please share this program with others who could benefit.

Safety is and will always be First Light's top priority. As a team, we pulled together to make it through as a business, all the while protecting our families and peers to the best of our abilities.

We are all in this together, and our industry will come out strong because of every one of you.

The cleaner and safer we can keep our schools and the frontline staff supporting their communities, the better. We need to ensure our kids have a safe return.

Click here to learn more about the School PPE Purchase Program. Our sales representatives are here to help you obtain more information and place your orders.

Contact us now: 866.216.2605


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