At First Light, we believe:

  • That by adding our Illuminated School Bus Sign and/or Fully Illuminated Stop Arm to school buses it will help the student transportation industry get closer to its goal of Zero:
    • ZERO stop arm Violations
    • ZERO school bus related Accidents
    • ZERO school bus related Fatalities
    • ZERO EXCUSES for Offenders
  • The words SCHOOL BUS and STOP should be as bright as possible, and recognizable to oncoming motorists from the furthest distance possible
  • The words SCHOOL BUS should be a highly visible warning light that gets the same attention from motorists as the flashing lights on emergency vehicles
  • The Stop Arm is one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment on the school bus and needs to be the best line of defense for making drivers stop
  • That portable technology (smartphones, handheld video games, etc.) have kids more distracted now than ever, keeping them safe is everyone’s job, but the main responsibility is on motorists to recognize the school bus and stop
  • That industry standard stop arms have saved many lives since being introduced but motorists are more distracted now than ever before, and greater risk for our kids requires greater prevention
  • That stopping them is better than catching them! (Thank you, Middlebury School in Indiana, for this quote!)

Advancements TV

We are proud to be featured on a segment of The Advancements TV, hosted by Ted Danson on CNBC. The award-winning Advancements TV series explores the latest innovations that solve global problems. Watch the episode to see how our innovations are making an impact on safety.

One Giant Leap to Zero is dedicated to celebrating the schools, contractors, dealers, and manufacturers who recognize the need to make school buses more visible to oncoming motorists.

School Spotlight

who took the leap in May

Anyone concerned about safety needs these signs. They draw your attention to where it needs to be.   

Billy Huish 
Transportation Supervisor
Farmington Municipal Schools  

We celebrate those who have taken the leap


Industry Leaders who support One Giant Leap to Zero

Manufacturers who have made our Illuminated School Bus Sign (ISBS) available as a factory installed option

Manufacturers who have made our Fully Illuminated Stop Arm (FISA) available as a factory installed option

We are working with your favorite bus brands, check back soon for updates

School Bus Dealers

School Bus Dealers

Authorized dealers and parts distributors who support One Giant Leap to Zero by making our products available for their customers to purchase

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