Mike Nyboer

Allendale Public Schools is in the process of changing all of our buses to having the First Light Safety Products on them. We are installing both the illuminated stop arm sign and the front and back school bus signs. Any buses that we purchase, moving forward as a school district, will have these items automatically

Pete Bucholtz

We installed the illuminated signs to increase visibility, especially in the dark hours. The flashing overhead lamps easily confuse a bus with a refuse truck. The “School Bus” helps identify what a school bus is, not just another large vehicle.

Julie Malcolm

We have this product on all of our route buses and love them! I have followed some of our buses in the dark mornings, and they definitely make a huge difference! I was able to see one of our buses almost a mile away.

Doug Caldwell

My corporation fitted a new bus with the high visibility First Light stop arms. The bus has been in service for a month now, and I am very impressed with the product. In low light situations, the First Light stop arms provide higher visibility at longer distances than the standard stop arms our other buses

Patty Jackson

Everyone has noticed the signs, and the kids love them. They are so bright you can see them coming from a long way away. We LOVE them. We were super excited with our first one. I will be getting a few more to add to our fleet.

Tommy Broyles

When we switched over to the FISA, the drivers noticed an immediate stopping of stop-arm violations. Before the FISA we used to have 2-3 stop-arm violations a week in the early mornings, now we are having none.

Kim Nadolny

Drivers that have our signs on the buses are saying: “They help out with driver safety and visibility.” 

Patrick Smith

We’re a rural district with four heavily travelled state highways, two heavily travelled federal highways, and regular fog. I’m always looking at new ideas to help grab motorists’ attention. We run three buses with Illuminated School Bus Signs and seven with the Fully Illuminated Stop Arms and have more products on order. The bus drivers

Pete Bucholtz

I noticed that when driving down a country road and following a commercial vehicle, you’re not sure what it is because they all have similar lights up top. You come up behind, thinking it’s a school bus and it’s a dump truck. With the Illuminated School Bus Sign, you can tell it is a school

Mardelle Menzie

From the very beginning, I saw an instant change in traffic flow. They are slowing down sooner. They are stopping sooner and holding further back when they stop so there’s more room between them, the bus, and the children getting on and off the bus. I love the Illuminated Signage on the front and back


With the illuminated school bus sign, in the front and the rear, there is no question what kind of vehicle is on the road. This is extremely helpful to other drivers on the road, to immediately determine that a school bus is approaching and they should use caution. I firmly agree all buses should equipped