Christopher Burke

Our drivers have observed that people are now slowing down and noticing buses from a much greater distance due to the presence of Fully Illuminated Stop Arms and Illuminated School Bus signs.

James Dark

The drivers and I are really impressed with how bright they are. I can tell a new bus from the old bus from far away. It’s night and day. 

David Saunders

I really notice the difference – you can see and read the school bus sign a 1/2 mile away. If you don’t know it’s a school bus there is something wrong. 

Andrew Krokowski

Love the design behind the First Light Destination Sign and Stop Sign… First Light takes current technology and applies it to student safety, thus doing everything possible to ensure a safe crossing for every student! For those who are skeptical, you won’t go back after having a First Light destination or stop sign installed on

Peter Tunny

This definitely changes the equation, now there is no way any motorist can tell any traffic court judge anywhere that they did not see the school bus. This is such an unbelievable upgrade for the safety of our students.

Jeff Wainwright

These signs are a game changer when it comes to seeing school buses in darkness as well as daylight!

Eric Taylor

Great Product!! It makes the bus more visible. Drivers are telling me the ISBS provides more light, making it easier to see when picking up the kids. Will order the stop arm and destination in all new buses

Anthony Quaranta

It’s been much better with the signs. None of this,  1 bulb or 2 bulbs are out. Either the ISBS sign is on or it’s off. “In the dusk, you know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s a school bus. 

Brooks McQuinn

I think your product is great. It really makes our buses stand out. I have already ordered our new buses with the school bus sign and stop sign.

Aaron Cooper

I think it’s a great product, it’s noticeable from quite a distance. Since we’ve put it on the bus, we haven’t heard anything from the bus drivers having stop arm violations. The drivers have said nothing but great things about them. Cars are being alerted from a further distance so they’re not encroaching on the

Jason Johnson

Since the first day it was put on, it has brought a significant amount of attention to the bus. People are drawn to it by how visible it is. It doesn’t matter if it is daylight or at night, it sticks out! The sign does more than just light up, it keeps the bulkheads dry

Lorna Simchik

First Light’s signs make all other signs look inferior. This was one of the best decisions we made to put these signs on our buses.