Jose Laranjeira

Our district works closely with the local police department, submitting videos of cars passing the stop sign. A better-lit sign helps reduce the number of cars that pass through it. Our director loved the idea when he first saw the fully illuminated stop arm at the STS convention. He wanted them added immediately. We also

John C. Spacht

We have found that the visibility of your products have drastically improved the safety of our children. We order them on all of our buses because of this. I look forward to working with you and First Light Safety for years to come.

Judy Feldmeyer

The difference they make in visibility is remarkable. The drivers have even commented on how much of a difference the products make and how they love the visibility. When we see the buses side by side, the difference is amazing. Thank you for helping us be seen on the roads and keeping our students safe!

Lee Ann Shipman

They are very bright, and you can see them from far away, no reason not to know it is a school bus. My drivers love them.

Aaron Grant

Ever since I put these First Light signs on the buses we have seen a noticeable difference on our routes. It is really hard to miss a bus now at night or in the early morning with these signs.

Jason Valentin

The big reason I decided to switch to First Light signs was in the interest of student safety. We have many vehicles running our reds almost on a daily basis. I just knew that once I saw this product, our buses just had to have it. If there was anything I could do to change

Ken Scarlata

The equipment outperforms anything else available. It is designed and manufactured using quality materials that hold up in inclement Weather. I wanted the best product on the market to protect our students.

Karen Jones

We live in a very rural community, and the First Light Illuminated signs stand out well above the conventional signs.  People have actually called to comment how much they like the new signs on the buses because they are so bright and easy to see in all weather conditions.  We like them too because there

Christopher Burke

Our drivers have observed that people are now slowing down and noticing buses from a much greater distance due to the presence of Fully Illuminated Stop Arms and Illuminated School Bus signs.

James Dark

The drivers and I are really impressed with how bright they are. I can tell a new bus from the old bus from far away. It’s night and day. 

David Saunders

I really notice the difference – you can see and read the school bus sign a 1/2 mile away. If you don’t know it’s a school bus there is something wrong. 

Andrew Krokowski

Love the design behind the First Light Destination Sign and Stop Sign… First Light takes current technology and applies it to student safety, thus doing everything possible to ensure a safe crossing for every student! For those who are skeptical, you won’t go back after having a First Light destination or stop sign installed on