Teresa Hartley TD, Mid-Prairie School District

Mid-Prairie was struggling with daily instances of people passing our buses. I reached out to every available media source to bring attention to this issue. As a result, First Light Safety offered to assist our district by piloting fully illuminated signs to assess their effectiveness. We’ve been trying illuminated signs on the buses, and I

Brian Gibson TD, Brenham ISD

After the first three months of running three routes with the stop arms at NBISD, our stop arm violation numbers were night and day! The product showed excellent results in catching the public’s eye at bus stops.  So when I moved to Brenham ISD, and we ordered a whole new fleet, we spec’d all 40 school

Patrick Thompson

In the bustling world of education, safety reigns supreme, especially when it comes to transporting our most precious cargo: students. Enter First Light, the beacon of innovation in the realm of vehicle safety solutions. With their cutting-edge product tailored specifically for school buses, they’re not just illuminating the road; they’re illuminating the future of student

Chris Schadler

First Light’s fully illuminated stop arm and illuminated school bus sign both bring a next level approach to the illuminated destination sign of years past. After installing signage for a Kentucky pilot program, it is evident the two equipped buses in my fleet stand out amongst the rest. Positive driver feedback, along with collecting real-world

Dexter Bever

People see you coming from a distance. The brightness of the Illuminated School Bus Sign and Fully Illuminated Stop Arm works well in fog and inclement weather. These signs keep people alert that a school bus is near. It is a great safety feature.

Darrell Gould

The new Illuminated School Bus Signs and Fully Illuminated Stop Arms help make our buses more visible, especially in inclement weather conditions. And with our main concern being the safety of the students we transport; this is definitely a plus.

Uriah Parker

The illuminated stop sign and school bus sign were added to 2 of our buses with the highest number of stop arm violations. The buses we chose not only experienced the highest number of stop arm violations but were also rural routes with multilane roads. The roads are extremely busy and are early morning routes

Brandon Bailey

Not only does the Illuminated School Bus Sign greatly increase visibility in lower light conditions, but it has also increased the safety of the bus driver and the students along with everyone else in the community.

Charles Sellers

The First Light Safety Products Illuminated School Bus Sign makes our new buses pop. We are happy to be a district that leads the charge in Southern Louisiana for technology that makes School Bus operations safer for everyone.

Randy Mathias

The stop arms install was very easy just like the signs I have installed for years!

The Harrison Transportation Department

The Harrison Transportation Department would like to give a big thank you to First Light Safety for providing us with illuminated school bus signs for the front and rear of our buses.  These signs are extremely valuable to us, as they provide a significant safety measure for us while driving in low light conditions.  Big shout out