Amy Butler TD, North Beach SD No. 64

We get a lot of comments of how impressed people are with First Light Safety’s illuminated signs. They are bright and very impressive to our community. The drivers have all commented they love them and can’t wait to get more of them in our district.  

Abdi Snyder

We had a First Light stop sign installed on a bus that was having issues with red light runners. There was lots of positive feedback from the bus driver. When the bus driver bid on a different route, they requested we move the First Light stop sign onto the other bus because it made such a difference!

Kimberly DeHaven

We have tested the product on 1 bus that was having major issues at one intersection and following the installation of the safety products from First Light the decrease in red stop sign runs was almost completely non-existent. First Light Safety Products are changing the safety features of the school bus industry by offering highly

Stephen Janes

They (ISBS) sure work well and let others know it is a school bus. Nice to have when routes start in the dark and end in the dark, it’s nice to know we can be seen. Great products.

Jaiver Davenport

In our weather that’s foggy, rainy, and dark during most of the school year, these Fully Illuminated Stop Arms really stick out and are much more visible than the old stickers and lights we used to use. We’re excited to add more of these to our fleet!

Kelly Knapp

I have the illuminated school bus sign on the front and rear of 1 bus. I like the extra added safety I feel it provides. I would order any/all new buses with this product.

Todd Melchior

They were easy to install, and our drivers love them. It makes a huge difference in the morning because it’s so much brighter than what we were using before.

Francisco Padilla

Palmdale School District is excited to be one of the first in California to adopt the First Light Safety Products Fully Illuminated Stop Arm! With over 26 million students transported daily via school bus in America, adding technology that improves motorist awareness of the school bus will significantly impact overall operations safety.