Mardelle Menzie

May 11, 2023

From the very beginning, I saw an instant change in traffic flow. They are slowing down sooner. They are stopping sooner and holding further back when they stop so there’s more room between them, the bus, and the children getting on and off the bus. I love the Illuminated Signage on the front and back of the bus and the Illuminated Stop Arm. These buses are equipped with so much technology today that helps the driver ensure that they are driving more safely in their surroundings so that the kids can be safe. But those tools are for me; they don’t affect the driving public, but these illuminated signs do, and I saw it from the very get-go. I have told my director that I don’t want to drive a bus that does not have this illumination on it. From what I have seen and witnessed; I feel that they should be mandatory on every school bus.