School Bus

First Light incorporates LED technology into essential safety indicators to improve the visibility of school buses, thus increasing the safety of drivers and passengers of buses and other motor vehicles. Our goal is to eliminate accidents that may occur as a result of poor visibility of school buses. First Light offers a selection of innovative safety products for the school bus industry.

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Illuminated School
Bus Sign

First Light's Illuminated School Bus Sign significantly improves the awareness and visibility of the school bus by using ultra-bright illumination to distinguish the school bus from other vehicles on the road. The Illuminated School Bus Sign uses best-in-class components to provide confidence and continuous performance in a sleek design that is brighter and easier to read than traditional signs.

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Fully Illuminated
Stop Arm

First Light's Fully Illuminated Stop Arm is the brightest and most visible stop arm with the most robust drive unit on the market. The patent pending, Fully Illuminated Stop Arm with strobe/flashers is effective in alerting motorists to stop and allow time for school bus passengers to safely board and exit the bus.

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