Eric Kissel

I am happy to say how impressed I am by these signs; they are a great product that greatly improves the bus being seen, which is exactly what I was looking for. My 35-year mechanic was skeptical, he installed them, and he was blown away. That alone says something. He was good with the install

Jimmy King

I was very impressed with your signs when I first saw them. They stand out in day and dim light situations. The signs are made with heavy duty quality materials and the fact that you incorporated LED lighting makes it stand out over any other competitor’s products that I have seen.  I definitely would recommend your product to

Alfred A. Karam

In the 19 years I’ve been in school transportation, I can honestly say it’s the best innovation I’ve seen, which truly updates the school bus and makes it visible from a distance and enhances its visibility. I have received nothing but positive remarks from administrators and staff alike.

Sherry Demers

Drivers are so impressed with the visibility; they’re now requesting buses with the First Light Stop Arm installed. Traffic now has ample time to notice a stopped bus. Where traffic was once passing on the reds, we now have safe loading and unloading for our students. All new buses will be equipped with First Light