Cody Cox

I pass several of my buses on the way to the office every morning, a few of the buses have First Light’s signs, and a few do not, and the buses that do are so much more obvious than the others. You can’t miss the bus. It no longer blends in with the traffic. The

NEISD Bus Operator

Everyone stops for my bus. Vehicles on both sides of the road stop, and it didn’t use to be that way.

Peter Tunny

This definitely changes the equation, now there is no way any motorist can tell any traffic court judge anywhere that they did not see the school bus. This is such an unbelievable upgrade for the safety of our students.

Melissa Deak

I’d rather stop them than catch them. First Light’s illuminated stop arm will prevent accidents and fatalities.

Patrick Cardoza

My top priority is the safety of our students. Thank you to First Light for lighting the way for our students with the SAFEST and BRIGHTEST Stop Arm on the market. We need all schools to work together to get these signs on all buses across North America! I can’t wait to install them!

Jason Johnson

Since the first day it was put on, it has brought a significant amount of attention to the bus. People are drawn to it by how visible it is. It doesn’t matter if it is daylight or at night, it sticks out! The sign does more than just light up, it keeps the bulkheads dry