Alfred A. Karam

In the 19 years I’ve been in school transportation, I can honestly say it’s the best innovation I’ve seen, which truly updates the school bus and makes it visible from a distance and enhances its visibility. I have received nothing but positive remarks from administrators and staff alike.

Jason Johnson

Since the first day it was put on, it has brought a significant amount of attention to the bus. People are drawn to it by how visible it is. It doesn’t matter if it is daylight or at night, it sticks out! The sign does more than just light up, it keeps the bulkheads dry

Sherry Demers

Drivers are so impressed with the visibility; they’re now requesting buses with the First Light Stop Arm installed. Traffic now has ample time to notice a stopped bus. Where traffic was once passing on the reds, we now have safe loading and unloading for our students. All new buses will be equipped with First Light