Fully Illuminated
Stop Arm

First Light's Fully Illuminated Stop Arm is the brightest and most visible stop arm with the most robust drive unit on the market. The patent pending, Fully Illuminated Stop Arm with strobe/flashers is effective in alerting motorists to stop and allow time for school bus passengers to safely board and exit the bus.

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Visible from
1000+ Feet

Visible from
Multiple Angles

Readable from
300+ Feet

Compliant with
Regulatory Standards

Over 50,000 Hours
of illumination

Impact and Scratch

Plug and Play Installation


School Bus Stats

Million stop arm violations per year
Illegal passes per day
Increase in stop arm violations


  • Ultra bright LEDs improve the awareness and visibility of the school bus by providing uniform illumination visible from 1,000+ feet, visible up to a 180° angle, and readable from 300+ feet.
  • Sign panel is sealed, prevents water and dust intrusion to an IP67 rating and rated to a temperature of -40°F to +185°F so the sign will stay illuminated in the harshest climates.
  • Easy installation and maintenance - Stop Arm uses only four fastening points to mount to a school bus which are sealed to significantly reduce moisture from entering the bus. The universal drive unit mount is designed to easily replace existing stop arms or can be installed on new buses.
  • Long product life with over 50,000 hrs of operation. Illumination only.
  • Durable lens material is impact and scratch resistant.
  • High torque motor provides reliable deployment in high wind conditions and eliminates faulty deployment.
  • Smart Obstruction Detection technology senses when excessive force is detected and stops operation to reduce the risk of premature motor failure and structural damage.
  • UV resistant link and lens to provide maximum resistance to environmental fading
  • Independently powered strobe lights/flashers - loss of one strobe light/flasher does not result in loss of all strobe lights/flashers

Available Options

Drive Unit

  • Electric, Air

Higher UV Resistance

  • Best in class, for the sunniest climates

Retroreflective Sign

  • Illuminated sign with retroreflective panel for safety even without power


  • English, French, Other

LED Light

  • Strobe, Flash

Tested Standards

Our products are thoroughly tested against industry quality standards to ensure they offer the highest level of safety and performance. To get an understanding of real-world performance, our products log many miles on vehicles in service through pilot tests with strategic partners. We subject our products to a variety of quality tests such as endurance, environmental, mechanical, thermal, vibration testing to ensure we produce a safe, durable, and long-lasting product.

Operating Temperature
SAE J2139

Water and Dust

Temperature Shock
SAE J1455


UV Resistance

SAE J577

Electrical Design
ISO 16750-2
ISO 7637-2
ISO 10605

Electrical Interference
& Emissions
ISO 11452-2
ISO 11452-4


  • -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C) operating range
  • Water & dust resistant to IP67 (Illumination components only)
  • Impact resistant per SAE J575/577
  • UV protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • High torque motor eliminates faulty deployment
  • Smart Obstruction Detection technology reduces the risk of premature motor failure and structural damage.


  • 9-16 volt input required
  • 7.5 amp maximum current draw
  • Built-in electronic surge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electrostatic discharge protection

Fully Illuminated
Stop Arm


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