Meet Our Team

First Light Safety Products Team standing in front of their office

The Paper Pushers

Roman Gossow

Director of Manufacturing

My childhood dream was to one day play in the NHL

Andy Jordan

Director of Quality

I loved taking my toys apart to see how they worked

Monique Lashley

Director of Human Resources

Monique Lashley childhood photo as a polaroid

I wanted to be Robin Hood – steal from the rich and give to the poor

Jovan Latisnere

Director of Supply Chain

I wanted to be a businessman and carry a briefcase; I thought briefcases were awesome

Ed Lommen

Director of Mechanical Engineering

I drank my first cup of coffee on the bus with my bus driver in 1973

Andrew McKay

Director of Embedded Systems

I wanted to be an X-wing pilot

Cam Ai Quan-Smith Headshot

Cam Ai Quan-Smith

Vice President

I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer…the typical Asian parental dream for their kids

Andrea Sawchuk

Director of Finance

I wanted to be a ballerina or David Suzuki – that guy is so cool!

Kevin Smith Headshot

Kevin Smith


I auditioned for Napoleon Dynamite

The Talkaholics

Brett Adoff Headshot

Brett Adoff

Regional Account Executive

When I was a kid, I wanted to play 2nd base for the Philadelphia Phillies!

Mark Campos

Regional Account Executive

Space Jam was my favorite movie. I always dreamed of playing on the TuneSquad with Micheal Jordan and Bugs Bunny against the MonStars

Stephen Climer Headshot

Stephen Climer

Senior Regional Account Executive

I wanted to be Hugh Hefner or Jerry Jones

Kevin Elsom Headshot

Kevin Elsom

New Bus Integration Specialist

I loved the water so much that I wanted to be a professional swimmer

Julian Fosty Headshot

Julian Fosty

Regional Account Executive

My favourite movie series was Toy Story and to this day my favourite series is probably still Toy Story

Khrystyna Gaponiuk

Inside Sales Representative

I wanted to become a circus clown to make people laugh

Isaac Klisch

Inside Sales Representative

I wanted to be a firefighter, doctor, police officer, veterinarian, ambulance driver, used car dealership owner, suit shop owner, pet store owner, professor, gentleman, farmer, and pilot. (all at once)

Robyn Krawchuk Headshot

Robyn Krawchuk

Customer Support Specialist

Still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts

Brett Kuchciak headshot

Brett Kuchciak

Specification and Compliance Executive

I wanted to be a “Pokemon Master”. I knew it was impossible, but I would think really hard about being one before going to bed in hopes of dreaming about it

Michelle Macario headshot

Michelle Macario

Customer Success Associate

I spent hours sitting or standing on the giant rocks in my grandma’s raised garden pretending I was a famous game show/talk show host, and I used her flowers as my microphone

Anita Moroz

Inside Sales Representative

As a little girl, my first goal was always to be rich, and if I couldn’t have that, I wanted to be a dancer or singer. But unfortunately, I cannot sing.

Hope Myers Headshot

Hope Myers

Inside Sales Representative

I wanted to be a Princess, for over a year, I insisted on wearing my pretty pink dress and sparkling tiara every day!

Chris Pearson

Regional Account Executive

I wanted to be a palaeontologist and discover old dinosaur remains across the world

Makenzi Prather headshot

Makenzi Prather

Regional Account Executive

I wanted to be an astronaut

Agness Pykacz

Inside Sales Representative

I wanted to be a singer, model, and a soccer player and travel the world

Pete Rodriguez headshots

Pete Rodriguez

Account Executive

Growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete – Joe Namath was my idol

Peter Valadez

Regional Account Executive

I wanted to be a navy pilot like Tom cruise in top gun

Ryan Wiebe

Inside Sales Representative

I always wanted to be an actor or a musician… At least I still get to talk for a living

The Creators

Mackenzie Ching headshot

Mackenzie Ching

Social Media & Content Specialist

I still love anything pink and sparkly

Howard Gin headshot

Howard Gin

Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist

I wanted to be a Kung Fu Master and an Automotive Designer!