September 15, 2020

Industry leader, Cody Cox, Director of Transportation and Maintenance at Community ISD, welcomed our Regional Account Executive, Stephen Climer, to visit his fleet and discuss school bus safety during our 200 mask donation delivery. With Community ISD transporting over 3,000 students on 23 different bus routes throughout the day, equipping his school buses with the latest technology and safety features is of the utmost importance to Cox.


Cox aims to provide the safest form of transportation humanly possible to his students. With over 17 million stop arm violations annually, according to National Association State Directors and


Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) National Stop Arm Violation Survey, 2019, people like Cox are the first to adopt our Illuminated technology and be part of a change to student safety.


Cox currently has our Illuminated School Bus Sign installed on four of his buses and plans to retrofit all his bus routes as budgets permit. He will be placing an order and spacing this sign from the factory for all his buses moving forward. Cox noticed the difference with our technology during his morning commute to work in the dim morning light. “I pass several of my buses on the way to the office every morning, a few of the buses have First Light’s signs and a few do not, and the buses that do are so much more obvious than the others. You can’t miss the bus. It no longer blends in with the traffic,” says Cox. He was also pleasantly surprised to see that the brightness of the sign is fully visible when the LED loading lights are operating. With many students travelling on the dark rural country roads in the early morning, “The signs really pop. Just one more way we are keeping our students safe,” says Cox.


photo courtesy of Cody Cox


“The signs really pop during the early mornings. You can’t miss the bus; it no longer blends in with the traffic.”


One of our favorite questions to ask our customers is for their first impression of our signs. Cox’s eyes lit, “it was pretty cool and pretty bright, and I liked how slim it was, and you don’t have to put a hole in the bus,” says Cox. He also explained the installation to be as easy as applying the sign on the bus, just like a sticker. Hearing these words from people like Cox, who has an incredibly high standard for transportation equipment, was terrific.


“With the lighted sign, oncoming traffic can see it from far away and know it’s a school bus, providing people with the opportunity to know it might be stopping,” says Cox.


Before First Light’s signs were installed, Cox’s most significant issue with the current school bus signs is that some people don’t recognize it’s a school bus until it’s too late, and the stop arm has already deployed. We asked if he thinks most states should consider changing specifications to include a fully illuminated LED sign option. Cox highly recommends that all states change their vocabulary to allow the option of a lighted LED sign.


With the industry anticipation of our Fully Illuminated Stop Arm release in Q1 2021, Cody Cox is first in line to place his order and equip his buses with our game-changing stop arm. Thank you, Cody, for your superior leadership and attention to safety. We are thrilled to work with you to eliminate stop-arm violations, with the most VISIBLE and SAFEST technology for our kids!


Like Cox, our mission is to protect the young passengers who always trust us to be aware of their safety and protect them. Click here to learn more about how we are making the journey safer for our kids through our patent-pending Illuminated School Bus Sign & Fully Illuminated Stop Arm.


Stay SAFE, everyone!