MB PTU Approves Illuminated School Bus Sign

June 8, 2020

We are excited to announce that Manitoba Pupil Transportation Unit has approved our Illuminated School Bus Sign, following a year-and-a-half-long pilot involving Louis Riel, Interlake, and Seine River School Divisions. The positive feedback from these participating school divisions proved that our school bus signs were successful in making the school bus safer for our kids. The Illuminated School Bus Signs are now approved to be installed in Manitoba on new buses and on schools’ current fleet on an aftermarket basis.


The sense of dignity knowing our Province has granted approval for us to design, engineer, and manufacture our patent-pending Illuminated School Bus Signs and Fully Illuminated Stop Arms is both overwhelming and exciting. Our passion was inspired, driven, and led by the safety of our kids and their futures.


Our production staff is in full swing, deliveries are flying out our doors, and our customers have been more than pleased with the product and our guaranteed quick and easy installation process.


Thank you to the piloted schools who took the time to update us with continuous feedback, run our Illuminated School Bus Signs through Manitoba’s rugged weather and roads, and provide a safer transportation experience for our kids. It is with your support that we were able to launch our signs province-wide.


As a company, we are continuously driven to engineer and manufacture the newest safety technology, providing safer communities in North America for our kids. This is just the beginning of a brighter and safer tomorrow!


First Light also works with MB PTU and Winnipeg School Division #1 on a pilot project for our Fully Illuminated Stop Arm. Using the same illuminated technology, we aim to reduce stop arm violations and fatalities. The pilot is set to wrap up Q1 of 2021.


Visit our YouTube Channel to see more videos. 


“With visibility over 1,000 ft and readability over 300 ft, our illuminated technology surpasses minimum specifications and provides the motorist the most time to recognize the school bus. Because of this, the motorists’ can react accordingly, thereby reducing accidents and fatalities. We are thrilled with the approval of Manitoba and look forward to seeing the buses in Manitoba with our signs shining bright,” says Kevin Smith, President of First Light Safety Products.


Now is the time to be one of the first in Manitoba to equip your school buses with the safest school bus sign on the market; contact us now at 866.216.2605 or info@firstlightsafety.com.


Stay safe, everyone.