Christopher Burke

Our drivers have observed that people are now slowing down and noticing buses from a much greater distance due to the presence of Fully Illuminated Stop Arms and Illuminated School Bus signs.

Kimberly DeHaven

We have tested the product on 1 bus that was having major issues at one intersection and following the installation of the safety products from First Light the decrease in red stop sign runs was almost completely non-existent. First Light Safety Products are changing the safety features of the school bus industry by offering highly

Shanquil Fennell

I am thrilled with the Illuminated School Bus Sign! Since our buses were equipped with this innovative solution, we have seen a remarkable improvement in motorists’ compliance with stopping for our school buses. The high-intensity LED lights make our buses easily noticeable, even from a distance and in challenging lighting conditions. It has made a

Anthony Shield

The illuminated signs have been one of the best advances for the school bus industry in years! Many motorists have become very complacent with the yellow school bus, and adding the First Light illuminated signs and stop arms to our fleet of buses makes our vehicles more visible, which in turn enhances student safety.

Dexter Bever

People see you coming from a distance. The brightness of the Illuminated School Bus Sign and Fully Illuminated Stop Arm works well in fog and inclement weather. These signs keep people alert that a school bus is near. It is a great safety feature.

Stephen Janes

They (ISBS) sure work well and let others know it is a school bus. Nice to have when routes start in the dark and end in the dark, it’s nice to know we can be seen. Great products.

Manuel Campos

We have a lot of industrial traffic; the Illuminated School Bus from First Light Safety helps to ensure motorists do not mistake our School Buses for any other vehicle. We are impressed with the quality and service provided and can’t wait to install their new Fully Illuminated Stop Arm. 

Nancy L Martinez

We are located close to the border and have a high volume of traffic from 18-wheelers. I have heard from the truck drivers that they see our school buses ahead of time thanks to the ISBS. In fog and early mornings, community members are seeing the buses on the county routes. I would say that

Richard Wayman

Install was easy. It helps the motorists see our school bus at a greater distance, especially on our highway route.

Victor Quintanilla

In a growing district like ours with more and more traffic, we needed something more eye-catching, and this is it! On our rural routes, the Illuminated School Bus Sign and Fully Illuminated Stop Arm are essential for alerting oncoming motorists from the furthest distance possible, in all weather conditions.


Everyone stops for my bus. Vehicles on both sides of the road stop, and it didn’t use to be that way. 

Joe Brinker

The installation was easier than expected, and our team was blown away when we saw the sign lit up for the first time. We are looking forward to equipping all of the buses in our fleet and providing additional safety to our students!