Brandon Bailey, Bus #240

Not only does the Illuminated School Bus Sign greatly increase visibility in lower light conditions, but it has also increased the safety of the bus driver and the students along with everyone else in the community.

Darrell Gould, Bus #239

The new Illuminated School Bus Signs and Fully Illuminated Stop Arms help make our buses more visible, especially in inclement weather conditions. And with our main concern being the safety of the students we transport; this is definitely a plus.

Dexter Bever, Bus #238

People see you coming from a distance. The brightness of the Illuminated School Bus Sign and Fully Illuminated Stop Arm works well in fog and inclement weather. These signs keep people alert that a school bus is near. It is a great safety feature.


I love the new stop arm. I have a rural route with no street lights, and I have a stop on a dangerous curve, and the stop arm is so bright. The whole thing illuminates and really stands out, even the “stop” word.

Andrew Krokowski

Love the design behind the First Light Destination Sign and Stop Sign. First Light takes current technology and applies it to student safety, thus doing everything possible to ensure a safe crossing for every student! For those who are skeptical, you won’t go back after having a First Light destination or stop sign installed on

Francisco Padilla

Palmdale School District is excited to be one of the first in California to adopt the First Light Safety Products Fully Illuminated Stop Arm! With over 26 million students transported daily via school bus in America, adding technology that improves motorist awareness of the school bus will significantly impact overall operations safety.

Jaiver Davenport

In our weather that’s foggy, rainy and dark during most of the school year, these Fully Illuminated Stop Arms really stick out and are much more visible than the old stickers and lights we used to use. We’re excited to add more of these to our fleet!

The Harrison Transportation Department

The Harrison Transportation Department would like to give a big thank you to First Light Safety for providing us with illuminated school bus signs for the front and rear of our buses.  These signs are extremely valuable to us, as they provide a significant safety measure for us while driving in low light conditions.  Big shout out

John Ramirez

At Boerne ISD, we are passionate about our student safety and are constantly on the lookout for innovations that enhance our operations. The Fully Illuminated Stop Arm from First Light Safety Products was love at first sight! The ultra-bright, Fully Illuminated, and Reflective background paired with 1” white lettering, make our buses far more visible

Lockert Chambers

We placed the signs on the #1 problem route and the driver has commented that people pay more attention and it is eye-grabbing.

Randy Mathias

The stop arms install was very easy just like the signs I have installed for years!

Marcus Early

First Light’s Products have been the best upgrade to school bus safety that I have ever seen. Putting these signs on school buses is a no-brainer.