Amy Butler

We get a lot of comments of how impressed people are with them.  They are bright and very impressive to our community.  The Driver’s have all commented they love them and can’t wait to get more of them in our district.

John Legus

Our school transportation facility operations department aims to provide the best service to our community. We pride ourselves on being an innovative operation that is committed to safety. We have chosen to add the illuminated school bus sign and stop arms to our existing and new buses. These signs make it clear that the vehicle

Patrick Thompson

In the bustling world of education, safety reigns supreme, especially when it comes to transporting our most precious cargo: students. Enter First Light, the beacon of innovation in the realm of vehicle safety solutions. With their cutting-edge product tailored specifically for school buses, they’re not just illuminating the road; they’re illuminating the future of student

Kevin Conkin

These lights are a safety revolution. They practically scream “STOP!” with dazzling LEDs that cut through dawn and dusk like a beacon. The stop arm violations have drastically plummeted on routes equipped with First Light systems. Our drivers feel a wave of relief knowing our precious cargo is better protected.

Jose Laranjeira

Our district works closely with the local police department, submitting videos of cars passing the stop sign. A better-lit sign helps reduce the number of cars that pass through it. Our director loved the idea when he first saw the fully illuminated stop arm at the STS convention. He wanted them added immediately. We also

John C. Spacht

We have found that the visibility of your products have drastically improved the safety of our children. We order them on all of our buses because of this. I look forward to working with you and First Light Safety for years to come.

John Ramirez

Our buses that have the First Light products have added much-needed increased visibility. In our area, we have minimal light pollution, so the increased light around the bus really helps at the bus stops where we have no to limited streetlights. I can see the lit-up school bus sign from so much farther away!

Mike Nyboer

Allendale Public Schools is in the process of changing all of our buses to having the First Light Safety Products on them. We are installing both the illuminated stop arm sign and the front and back school bus signs. Any buses that we purchase, moving forward as a school district, will have these items automatically

Judy Feldmeyer

The difference they make in visibility is remarkable. The drivers have even commented on how much of a difference the products make and how they love the visibility. When we see the buses side by side, the difference is amazing. Thank you for helping us be seen on the roads and keeping our students safe!

Lee Ann Shipman

They are very bright, and you can see them from far away, no reason not to know it is a school bus. My drivers love them.

Aaron Grant

Ever since I put these First Light signs on the buses we have seen a noticeable difference on our routes. It is really hard to miss a bus now at night or in the early morning with these signs.

Chris Schadler

First Light’s fully illuminated stop arm and illuminated school bus sign both bring a next level approach to the illuminated destination sign of years past. After installing signage for a Kentucky pilot program, it is evident the two equipped buses in my fleet stand out amongst the rest. Positive driver feedback, along with collecting real-world