Joseph Reese

We put our new bus in the Christmas Parade tonight and we showed off our First Light signs! In the last 25 years this is one of the best products I have seen implemented for school buses.

Bruce Neil

Student safety is always a top priority here at Abilene ISD. The Fully Illuminated Stop Arm and Illuminated School Bus Sign offered by First Light Safety Products are the next steps for School Bus Safety technology. We are proud to be an early adopter of this potentially life-saving technology.

Charles Gordon

Love seeing the advancements in technology that clearly improves school bus safety. The ease of install was a pleasant surprise.

Austin Gillham

I just got two buses delivered with your lights, and we LOVE them!

Lorna Simchik

First Light’s signs make all other signs look inferior. This was one of the best decisions we made to put these signs on our buses.

Tommy Broyles

Bus 46 was getting his reds run to 6 times every morning. After we installed your stop sign three weeks ago, he had zero reds run. This has been a big stress relief for him. Bus 48 was getting her reds run 1 to 3 times every morning. After installation, it has also gone to

Steve Lake

In Indiana in 2018, a driver struck and killed three children, all siblings, crossing the road early in the morning at a bus stop. Another child was struck, sustaining serious injuries. The driver claimed she thought the bus was a garbage truck. We installed FLSP’s school bus signs and stop arms on our buses because

Trey Stow

With a fleet of nearly 1K school buses, we have several early morning routes. With the crazy weather in the South, First Light Safety Products solutions help ensure a safer ride for our kids. We will be adding these solutions to our new bus orders and equipping all our early morning routes.

Amy Rosa

We know these signs are noticed. I actually get calls from motorists and parents complimenting the new technology. Any call that is not a complaint is a good call!!

Mark Fick

Since installing the signs and stop arms, we have not had one stop arm violation. The increased visibility is a dramatic change to the industry standard reflective decal.  

Jake Hunt

We know your products are working on our school buses. We are getting more cars to stop for our school buses than ever before on one of our major roads in Muskegon County. Community members have commented on seeing the Oakridge School Bus coming from over a half-mile to a mile away with the Illuminated

Patrick Smith

We’re a rural district with four heavily travelled state highways, two heavily travelled federal highways, and regular fog. I’m always looking at new ideas to help grab motorists’ attention. We run three buses with Illuminated School Bus Signs and seven with the Fully Illuminated Stop Arms and have more products on order. The bus drivers