Matt Sommers

What we’ve learned since installing these signs is that they are definitely brighter in low light conditions and even local law enforcement has commented on how much more visible the school bus is.  

Manuel Compos

We have a lot of industrial traffic; the Illuminated School Bus from First Light Safety helps to ensure motorists do not mistake our School Buses for any other vehicle. We are impressed with the quality and service provided and can’t wait to install their new Fully Illuminated Stop Arm.

Passion Guerrero

It is exciting to see my first customer Alvin ISD with the new Fully Illuminated Stop Arms. Their excitement for the new products from First Light Safety Products is refreshing. I believe the Fully Illuminated Stop Arms is a long-overdue technology for our School Buses.

Thomas Clement

The Fully Illuminated Stop Arms are very attention-grabbing and easy to install! Seeing them lit up in the morning is like watching a parade of lights. We have added them to 44 of our special needs buses and could not be happier with the results.

David Bowman

These are a great addition to making our school buses as visible as possible on the roadway. Our stop arm cameras are excellent in capturing people who pass our stopped bus, however they are reactive. [First Light’s Illuminated School Bus] Signs and our LED warning lights are all proactive in helping motorists realize it’s a

Matthew Gonzales

Student safety is the most important part of School Bus operation. First Light Safety has developed products that keep our students safe throughout the entire transportation process. From maintaining high visibility with an Illuminated School Bus Sign to illuminating loading and unloading stops with a Fully Illuminated Stop Arm. First Light Safety is creating products

Mason Lyne

The first time I saw a school bus outfitted with First Light’s school bus sign & stop arms I thought to myself: I don’t understand why these aren’t mandatory on every school bus out there.


Install was easy. It helps the motorists see our school bus at a greater distance, especially on our highway route.

Garrett Henson

The illumination of the First Light Safety school bus sign has been a big help in getting drivers to recognise an approaching school bus from further distances. This has been a big help in safeguarding children entering/exiting the buses in the early morning/late evening hours, especially on our inner city and rural routes.

Steve Neill

I decided to specify the First Light Illuminated School Bus Signs on my new bus purchases this year. Upon first seeing the Illuminated School Bus Sign, it was apparent this is a significant improvement for the safety of our students and our community. Furthermore, these signs should be a requirement on every new bus in

Eric Kissel

I am happy to say how impressed I am by these signs; they are a great product that greatly improves the bus being seen, which is exactly what I was looking for. My 35-year mechanic was skeptical, he installed them, and he was blown away. That alone says something. He was good with the install

Nancy L Martinez

Thank you FLSP for this awesome innovation! We are super excited to have the new school bus signs and stop arms on our buses. These lights are seen out here on our county roads! The safety of our students is our #1 PRIORITY!